Voter ID in Canada--no masks or veils allowed

Washington Times:

Muslim women in niqabs or burqas would no longer be allowed to stay veiled when voting in Canada under government legislation introduced yesterday.

The bill seeks to force the hand of Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand, who rebuffed a request by a parliamentary committee that he require the lifting of veils to prove a voter's identity. He had insisted the existing law did not require it.

The new legislation would allow an exception only for someone whose face is bandaged after surgery or covered for other medical reasons.

The issue has become a hot potato, especially in the province of Quebec, which is debating how much to accommodate minorities. The provincial electoral officer in Quebec reversed course last March and required the unveiling of voters.


If people cannot wear a veil and vote why should people not be required to show a valid ID. BTW, even the Saudis recognize that the veil is not required by Islam. It is basically a matter of tribal custom having nothing to do with religion.


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