The Giuliani as Bush meme

AP/NY Times:

Rudy Giuliani, to quote a Democratic rival, would be like President Bush on steroids in the way he would go about protecting the U.S. from terrorists. In reality, Giuliani doesn't seem very different from Bush on the issue.

The former New York mayor says the government shouldn't be shy about eavesdropping on citizens. He is prepared to use military force to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons and root out terrorists in Pakistan. And he opposes a U.S. pullout from Iraq.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, a Giuliani friend and adviser on homeland security issues, said in an interview: ''I would say they're very much joined at the hip on these policies, and particularly the mind-set and commitment of both the president and Mayor Giuliani to stay on offense.''

Giuliani sounds more muscular.

Bush talks about terrorism, while Giuliani doggedly refers to ''the terrorists' war on us.'' It is the first item on a little card he carries with him listing 12 things he would do as president: ''I will keep America on offense in the terrorists' war on us.'' He constantly accuses Democrats of being afraid to use the term ''Islamic terrorists.''

His tough talk prompted Democrat John Edwards to quip that Giuliani would be George Bush on steroids.

Many Republicans like that idea, although the party's libertarians find it alarming that a GOP president would vigorously pursue expanded government power.

Giuliani's message is, '''I'm a tough SOB; you give me the power, and I'll protect you,''' David Keene, who heads the American Conservative Union, said of the former New York mayor. ''I'm not overly pleased with Bush, but I get the impression Rudy would be far more enthusiastic about it than some in the Bush administration.''


There is more in this piece. There is also this David Greenburg opinion piece in the Washington Post that confronts the Rudy is liberal spin of some of his opponents with the argument that he is a rabid right winger. He says, "If you've managed to keep liking President Bush, you'd have no trouble loving President Giuliani." Does this sound like a new theme from the liberal media. Having failed to stop Rudy by saying he was to liberal for Republican social conservatives, they are now trying to demonize him by tying him to the ultimate liberal demon Bush, only saying he is worse. I detect the smell of the Clinton spin machine. When it comes to the Clinton team, never assume coincidences.


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