Hold your convential wisdom?

Bill Kirsitol makes the case that the conventional wisdom about the 2008 race may be wrong and cite three reasons. I think there is a fourth reason and right row it would certainly qualify as unconventional wisdom. The Democrats should and will lose because of their stand on the war in Iraq.

Since President Bush changed the US strategy in Iraq by accepting Gen. Petraeus' ideas on counterinsurgency warfare, the Democrats have been consistently wrong on the course of the war and what strategy was needed. If their ideas has been accepted we would have lost the war by now. Instead we are clearly winning. This week alone Anbar province had days with zero attacks. Zero! Casualties are dropping like a rock all over Iraq because of al Qaeda's defeat. Democrats were also wrong about al Qaeda in Iraq instead saying the violence was primarily caused by a sectarian civil war. With al Qaeda's defeat the "civil war" is also over. How could that be, if the Democrats were right?

So certain were the Democrats that losing the war in Iraq was a political winner for them that they put themselves on record some 55 times trying to legislate defeat while our troops were winning the war.

With that kind of record the Democrats deserve to lose in 2008 and they will if the public perceptions about the war catch up with the reality. I don't think the NY Times Editorial board can maintain its willful ignorance of the facts its reporters are publishing for another 12 months. Nor can the rest of the media ignore this victory forever. I don't think the Iraqis will let them. They are going to enjoy their own victory parades like the one recently in Ramadi.


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