Stuck on stupied on missile defense

That is a good description of the NY Times Editorial asking Congress to keep the US naked against missile attacks by rogue states. The editorial board also makes the false assertion that "The president has already wasted billions on a small and unproven system in Alaska." They cannot have been paying attention to the successful tests of the system over the last few years. Even if the tests had not been as successful as they have, it would be no excuse to abandon the effort at this point. The consequences of not having it are too grave. Having it also gives the US significant negotiating leverage with countries like North Korea and probably contributed to its recent agreement to shut down its nuke program. Having it in Europe would also give significant levage against the Iranians and might even persuade them to get real. Obviously not having it there has not changed the Iranian policy.

BTW, the Israelis are heavily invested in missile defense and view it as a key to their survival and not just to prevent unacceptable casualties. Would the Times suggest that they would be better off without it?

Hopefully the Democrats will adopt both the anti missile defense policy and the Cuban policy proposed by the Times. It will make it much easier for the GOP to defeat their candidates in 2008.


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