Iran, the neo quagmirest


Iran warned the United States on Wednesday it would find itself in a "quagmire deeper than Iraq" if it attacked the Islamic state, and Russia stepped up efforts for a diplomatic solution to Tehran's nuclear row with the West.

The warning by the head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, a target of new U.S. sanctions announced last week, added to angry rhetoric between the two old foes that has prompted speculation of possible U.S. military action.


"If the enemies show inexperience and want to invade Islamic Iran, they will receive a strong slap from Iran," Jafari said in comments carried by the semi-official Fars News Agency.

"The enemy knows that if it attacks Iran it, will be trapped in a quagmire deeper than Iraq and Afghanistan, and they will have to withdraw with defeat," he told a parade in north-central Iran, without mentioning the United States by name.


This is why it is important to win the war in Iraq and defeat the insurgency and the idea that protracted warfare is a quagmire. Once that idea is defeated states like Iran will have more incentive to negotiate agreements rather than engage in posturing and aggression. Those who want the US to lose in Iraq believe that a loss will inhibit the use of force in the future, but such a loss will only make it more likely that force will have to be used in the future. He is also missing the point that the US has no intention of occupying Iran. It is planning on destroying Iran's ability to make war.


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