Another failed ambush by Taliban

Mouth of the Potomac:

Afghan National Security and Coalition forces killed a large number of Taliban fighters after being ambushed in the Musa Qaleh Wadi region of Helmand Province Oct. 27.

The combined force was conducting a reconnaissance patrol when Taliban fighters engaged them with rocket and small arms fire. The combined patrol immediately returned fire, maneuvered, and employed close air support resulting in almost seven dozen Taliban fighters killed during a six hour engagement. During the battle, the combined force exchanged small arms fire with the fleeing attackers, quickly putting them on the defensive.

The insurgents attacked from a trench line using small arms, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. The ANSF and Coalition forces fixed the enemy in their positions and four separate precision munition engagements killed over six dozen insurgents while trying to reinforce enemy positions.


This comes from a military press release dated October 19, 2007. I thought it was worth posting because it accurately describes how most of the battles with the Taliban are happening in Afghanistan. From the Taliban stand point probably the dumbest thing they can do is ambush US and coalition forces, but they can't seem to help themselves. tactics that worked in the past are ineffective and counterproductive against the US forces.

The AP reports that this is the fifth such attack in the area since Sept. 1 and total Taliban deaths in the battles have reached 250. If we can get them to continue these attacks the attrition of Taliban forces will eventually overwhelm the religious bigots.


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