Syria testing Israeli response?

Jerusalem Post:

IAF fighter jets were alerted to Israel's northern border with Syria on Thursday afternoon after Syrian helicopters were spotted hovering close to the border by military radar.

The Syrian aircraft showed no sign of intent to attack and the Israeli planes returned to their bases.


The air force has been making similar moves over the last week as tension between Israel and Syria has grown since an alleged IAF incursion into Syrian airspace on September 6. On Yom Kippur, jets were alerted to the northern border after a Syrian military jet, being tracked by Israel, disappeared from military radar systems.

A short time later, the IAF discovered that the Syrian jet had crashed in Syrian territory. The IAF jets returned to their bases and the level of alert was lowered.
The Syrians appear to be testing Israel situational awareness and responses. This could be preparations for an attack or just a way to mess with the Israelis and watch them jump into action. If it keeps happening it could be an attempt to desensitize their response for when a real attack begins.


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