San Diego bills the US for cost of illegals

North County Times:

County supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to send President Bush a $101 million bill to reimburse county taxpayers for what a county-commissioned study stated illegal immigrants cost them last year.

Supervisors said they had taken similar actions before, sending "illegal immigrant" bills to the federal government in 1994 and 2001. Those bills were ignored, and were seen largely as symbolic gestures.

However, Supervisor Bill Horn, who pushed hard for the county study that was released two weeks ago -- and other supervisors, said it was time to seek reimbursement again because the federal government has not stopped illegal immigrants from crossing the border and using services that taxpayers pay for.

Armed with the study, supervisors specifically voted to enlist the help of Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Solana Beach, to promote legislation that would:

  • make it easier for local law enforcement officials to track illegal immigrants wanted for crimes;

  • change the Medicare Modernization Act to pay local hospitals $155 million for unpaid bills from illegal immigrants;

  • make the federal government pay local governments from the Social Security fund into which people pay but do not collect, often because they have worked using phony Social Security documents. Reports have estimated that illegal immigrants pay $7 billion in taxes into that fund each year.
  • ...
    The City of Irvin, Texas has a program that has been very effective at removing illegal aliens. When it makes a stop, it asks for identification and if they cannot provide a driver's license or a Social Security card they are taken to jail and then the ICE agents are informed. 2000 have already been deported, about one percent of the population. The Mexican consul is upset and is advising illegals to avoid Irving. If every city did this, the self deportation effort would increase dramatically.

    It is possible that the downturn in the housing market may because by many illegals putting their homes on the market. If so it suggest a lack of due diligence on the part of the lenders.


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