Hillary has close ties to fined Soros backed group

Washington Times:

Officials of a defunct pro-Democratic group that was hit with a near-record campaign-finance fine last month hold strong ties to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign, documents show.

At least four persons who worked for the America Coming Together (ACT) fundraising group, which the Federal Election Commission recently fined $775,000, work directly for the Clinton campaign or hold top positions with consulting firms hired by it.

In addition, the group's former president, longtime Clinton aide Harold Ickes, has been identified as a volunteer adviser to the Clinton campaign. In FEC filings, the campaign listed a debt to Mr. Ickes of more than $2,000 for travel-related costs.

Funded with millions of dollars from billionaire George Soros, America Coming Together (ACT) misused about $70 million in "soft money," uncapped donations that aren't supposed to be used to urge election or defeat of a candidate, the FEC determined, saying that some of the money was spent on direct-mail and telemarketing efforts aimed against President Bush and Republicans in key battleground states in 2004.

Laurence Gold, ACT's attorney, said the FEC's fine marked "the conclusion of three years of politically motivated charges by the Republican Party and ill-conceived allegations by self-styled campaign 'reform' groups."


The Clinton campaign did not return phone or e-mail messages this week.

A fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton and other Democrats, Hsu remains in jail without bond on charges he bilked investors in a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Mrs. Clinton's campaign has said she is returning money from donors linked to Hsu.

ACT veterans involved in the Clinton campaign include JoDee Winterhoff, former political director for ACT, who has been running Mrs. Clinton's political operations in Iowa, and Minyon Moore, a onetime ACT official, who works as state and local director for the Dewey Square Group, according to that group's Web site, www.deweysquare.com.

The Clinton campaign has hired the Dewey Square Group to provide consulting services, FEC disclosure reports show. Miss Moore also has been identified as a senior adviser for the Clinton campaign in a spate of recent accounts in such outlets as National Public Radio, the New York Times and USA Today.

In addition, Mo Elleithee, a Clinton campaign spokesman, had been a spokesman for ACT.

ACT's onetime chief executive, Steven Rosenthal, now runs a consulting firm called Organizing Group Inc., which is listed as a vendor to whom the Clinton campaign owes more than $100,000, according to a recent Clinton campaign financial-disclosure report.

What this story demonstrates is that there is little to no consequence for Democrats who violate the campaign laws. Whether it is vote fraud or or illegal campaigning they just MoveOn to another organization and keep on campaigning. The defunct organization pays a fine, but the perps just move to another entity. The hand of Soros was pulling the strings of ACT and we need to investigate whether he is associated with any of these new entities. He is desperately trying to screw America by electing Democrats and we need to stop him.


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