Burma military cracking?

The Belmont Club:

Singabloodypore is quoting Burmese blog sources suggesting that the Army is starting to split. There have been reports of troop movements and air force sorties which might be interpreted as military units facing off against each other. More reports of the same nature, some of it from the same source, at Yangon Thu. It's too early to tell; most pundits think the Burmese military will not cave. This article suggests the Burmese officers are "tough fighters" who may be far savvier than the opposition and "human rights" activists who are ranged against them.

Jotman reports General Sonthi, head of Thailand's National Security Council is uttering what may be the line the Burmese governments wants to spread. Nothing to see here, just move on. If so it indicates that Rangoon is sensitive to how their actions are perceived. They are trying to avoid the appearance of repression. That is also the context in which to understand their shutdown of Internet access: the need to control the perception of their actions.


There is much more. If the military does not support the suppression, the Junta is in serious trouble. No one else in the country will come to their rescue. Global Voices Online has more on the refusal of some units to suppress the demonstrations as well as pictures. It also explains how some of the news is getting out:


Most of the latest news (real + unconfirmed rumors) are dropped into the comment boxes or Cboxes.

Ever since blogspot domain is being blocked, the Myanmar netizens are making an excellent use of CBox as their news reporting medium.
Many bloggers' Cboxes have been filled with various news especially Niknayman's Cbox.

Now someone has created another CBox ie. http://burmanews.cbox.ws/
to translate all those messages from Niknayman Cbox in english for international outlookers. Currently they are asking for translators for newly created CBox to post in english.


Suppression is communications is getting tougher for the despots.

This story says the crackdown is having an effect. The junta has effectively penned up the monks and the people are not as willing to challenge authorities without them. The Scotsman says there are internal arguments in the junta over the crackdown.


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