Czechs holdout for lawfare treatment of terror training camp plotter

Baron Bodissey:

Ousama Kassir, who originally hails from Lebanon, is under indictment in the United States for conspiracy aimed at providing material support to terrorists. He has been charged with planning to set up terror training camps for would-be mujahideen in Oregon back in the 1990s. If his plans had matured, graduates from his little academies would have been sent to Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taliban.

His other alleged activities include setting up and maintaining websites giving fellow terrorists instructions on bomb-making.

Mr. Kassir had been holed up in Sweden, where he was probably safe from the long arm of American law, until 2005. Then he made the mistake of stopping off at the airport in Prague on his way to Beirut. The Czech authorities were alert; they detained him, and have been holding him in custody ever since.


The only thing we had to do to get the Czechs to let him go was to promise not to stick him in Guantanamo:
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“The USA has provided the Czech Republic with the highest possible guarantee, in the form of a diplomatic note issued by its embassy [in Prague], that Oussama Abdullah Kassir will not be detained or imprisoned in other than civilian facility after his possible extradition to the USA,” Kuncova said.

“This means he will not be imprisoned at the Guantanamo base and will not be put before the military commission,” Kuncova said.
When I saw this story last week I was not aware of the dipnote about Gitmo. It is too bad that we will be required to use the criminal justice system against this enemy combatant. It will give him and the enemy access to intelligence information including sources and uses that will make it easier for them to evade detection in the future. You do have to give the Czechs credits for not turning the terrorist enabler loose. Whose side is Sweden on in this war? Never mind.


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