Another racist property grab in Zimbabwe


White Zimbabweans found themselves a step closer to losing control of their businesses to black people yesterday as a result of new government legislation.

The ruling Zanu-PF party in parliament approved the indigenisation and economic empowerment bill on Wednesday night. The proposed law calls for white owners to hand over 51% of their business interests to black people. Opposition MPs walked out of the sitting, saying the bill was racist and unconstitutional.

The legislation has yet to be approved by the senate and signed into law by President Robert Mugabe. After those formalities, legal work could take months.

"It's the farms [seizures in 2000] all over again. What next, our homes?" said the white owner of an engineering firm, who did not want to be named. "Keep me out of this or I'll be the first on the list. I'd be out of here if I could." He said he was looking for a black partner for the firm.


An estimated 30,000 white people still live in the population of 12.5 million, down from about 275,000 at independence.

That farm bill really worked well for them didn't it? The went from being the bread basket of southern Africa to a basket case. This should squeeze the remaining commerce out of the country and leave the idiots even poorer. Ratcheting up ignorance in the face of an economic disaster demonstrates how out of touch the despots of Zimbabwe are.


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