Hagel has the smallest war chest of any Senator

In a report in The Hill about the opposition Chuck Hagel is drawing in Nebraska there is this nugget:


Hagel figures to be a tough incumbent to beat no matter which party is challenging him; in 2002, he was reelected with 83 percent of the vote. But he has one of the smallest campaign war chests among senators up in 2008, with about $230,000.
This appears to me to be the war chest of a guy who is not planning on running for reelection. Let Freedom Ring says the "vultures are circling Hagel's political corpse."

Update: High Plains Patriot reports that polling done by Hagel's only announced opponent, Jon Bruning, shows Hagel trailing by nine percent and when the question is asked including Hagel's opposition to the President on the war the Bruning's lead grows substantially.


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