Novak embraces Hagel's pessimism

Robert Novak has always been opposed to the war in Iraq, but he is not an anti war puke like much of the Democrat party. He has found a fellow traveler in Chuck Hagel who is deeply pessimistic about the war.

Right now Chuck is more pessimistic than the media which is saying something. The media has noted the turnaround in Ramadi and the significant decrease in sectarian killings in Baghdad, but Chuck wants to get out of the way of the sectarian killings and let the Mahdi army loose with its portable drills again.

He however does not want to get out completely, but does not seem to have much of a mission for the troops. The guy is not nearly as smart as he and the Washington media think he is. There is a good reason why he is facing conservative opposition in Nebraska next year if he runs for reelection. At this point I don't think he will be running for anything in 2008 and if he does, he will lose.

He and Novak both think that there are many in the GOP that oppose the war. They are both wrong. Republicans want to win as passionately as Democrats want to lose.


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