Zarqawi letters found in Fallujah, Also a Texas SUV undergoing conversion into bomb


During recent house-to-house raids in southeast Falluja, U.S. and Iraqi forces uncovered what appeared to be an abandoned safe house used by insurgents loyal to both al Qaeda and wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

There were two letters inside the house, one from al-Zarqawi giving instructions to two of his lieutenants in the region. Another sought money and help from the terrorist leader.

In a separate raid Thursday, the joint forces discovered a car bomb-making factory in Falluja's industrial section where an SUV with a Texas registration sticker was in the process of being converted into a car bomb.


In the industrial section of Falluja, U.S. and Iraqi forces came across the Texas sport-utility vehicle sitting in a warehouse surrounded by "bags and bags" of explosive materials. It was in the process of being gutted and packed with explosives.

The vehicle had no license plate, but some 15 license plates were inside.


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