The Saddam, al Qaeda, al Jazeera link with Zarqawi


Haider Ajina sent us his translation of an article that appeared yesterday in the Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat. The headline was: "Al-Zarkawi’s right hand man 'Omar Hadid' was a personal body guard of Saddam Hussein and brother of the manager of Al-Jazeera in Baghdad. He also led the Terrorist fight in Felujah, and was trained in Afghanistan." Here is the text of the article:

Iraqi security investigators have revealed that Al-Zarkawi’s right hand man Omar Hadid was a member of Sadam Hussein’s personal body-guards unit. Omar Hadid later joined Al Qaeda and was trained in Al Qaeda’s Afghanistan camps. Omar is the brother of the manager of the Baghdad office of Al-Jazeera news channel, which was closed three month ago.

The investigators also revealed that Omar led the terrorists in their fight for Felujah against the U.S. and Iraqi forces. Further, they suspect that he is still in Felujah. They also said that he had left Saddam’s service about 10 years ago to join Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Omar then left Afghanistan for Pakistan after the fall of the Taliban in 2001. Omar then returned to Iraq shortly before the war.

The sources also confirmed that Omar is the brother of Hamid Hadid the manager of Al-Jazeera news Channel office in Iraq. The Al-Jazeera office in Baghdad was closed three months ago because of their biased broadcasting, and inciting violence in the land. Omar’s second brother was killed with the rest of his family during an air attack on their house. This attack took place two hours after Omar visited his second brother’s home. We later tried to contact Hamid Hadid in Baghdad and Doha (Qatar’s capital) to confirm this information but to no avail.

This puts some context on the situation in Iraq.


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