All insurgents in Fallujah control now are their feet

Daily Telegraph:


Lt Col Pete Newell, commander of Task Force 2-2, which took the eastern and part of the southern portions of the city, said: "I can walk anywhere I want in the city now.

"I guess that's the definition of being in control. All the insurgents have got control of is their own feet."

The last remnants, he said, would either surrender or die. "Eventually when they run out of food and water and nobody is telling them what to do, most will quit. But some of them won't. I'm sure there are some zealots out there and the only thing to do with them will be to kill them."


Col Craig Tucker, a Marine commander in Fallujah, said that quelling the insurgency would take time. "Whether they will pop up again here or not I don't know" he said. "You don't win this in six, seven months or a year. How long did Burma or Northern Ireland take?

"The pattern has been that the leadership flees. You're dealing with an element of leadership cowardice that's really difficult to fathom. They spout propaganda and get poor, ignorant guys all fired and then they go."

It is about time that the cowardice of Zarqawi was mentioned. His only appearance so far is posturing on a video claiming victory. It is time for him to walk the streets of Fallujah if he won, but his feet are trying to avoid fighting the Marines.


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