"Liberal morals"

David Limbaugh:

Maybe liberals have declared a temporary cease-fire in their attacks against the Iraq war during our assault on Fallujah, or maybe the internals of the exit polls are unnerving them, but they're on the warpath on the "morals" issue.
Since the (admittedly dubious) exit polls showed moral issues were among the most important to voters and that the GOP effectively "owns" these issues, Democrats are all in a huff. What an injustice that the people just don't get it: that liberals, who spend 90 percent of their time moralizing against conservatives and casting them as uncompassionate trolls, are the ones rightfully entitled to the morals mandate.
We're supposed to ignore that liberals routinely take target practice on Christians, mocking them at will, painting them as intolerant bigots and, well, simpletons. Why shouldn't liberals be able to deride Christians and, at the same time, decry the injustice of not winning their votes?


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