Iran says it will suspend nuke enrichment


Iran has agreed to fully suspend its uranium enrichment program, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Hasan Rohani announced Sunday, a move that could improve Iran's relations with the West.

Although Iran has said its uranium enrichment activities are intended to produce fuel for nuclear power plants, the United States has said the program is aimed at building nuclear weapons.

The agreement followed 40 minutes of talks between Iranian government representatives and ambassadors of the European Union's so-called Big Three nations, France, Britain and Germany, Rohani said.

Earlier, a Western diplomat told CNN that Iran made the agreement in exchange for a promise not to refer the matter to the United Nations Security Council for possible sanctions.

It looks like the threat of the US seeking sanctions was more persuasive that Euro diplomacy. However, I do not trust the ayatollahs to keep their word. Telling an infidel a lie to get something they want is not considered a matter of honor to these guys.


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