Smokin' commentary



But what do I know. I’m so out of touch I saw that picture of the Marlboro Man soldier and did not instantly fire off a letter to the editor protesting this flagrant and unhelpful depiction of – what’s the word? - reality. Some did, of course. (One of many examples I've seen about.)

For God’s sake, if Patton were alive today he’d be slapping civilians. Granted, we’re talking about a select stratum of the population whose undies come pre-bunched, but even by their standards this is ridiculous. You get the sense that this was the last straw for some – it’s bad enough that we have soldiers in Iraq (if we have to have soldiers AT ALL) but to have conspicuously smoking soldiers just rubs their nose in it all....
The guy in the picture claims to smoke three packs of Marlboros a day. I find that hard to believe in a combat situation. Smoking at night is a good way to give the enemy a target. In the day time while on the move in a combat situation it is unlikely that commanders are going to stop and tell people to light up. The reality of combat is you get only a few breaks such as after a meal where a smoker can light up. But, I would not be surprised to see him get a few packs of cigarettes given to him as a result of the picture.


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