DOD officials glad to see CIA shake up

Rowan Scarborough:

The ongoing shake-up at the CIA is a welcome development for senior Pentagon officials that promises to end the agency's below-the-radar opposition to some aspects of President Bush's war on terrorism.
Defense Department sources privately complained that parts of the CIA's entrenched bureaucracy of analysts opposed the military's large role in a war against al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.
Before the September 11 attacks, the CIA had the lead in hunting al Qaeda. Afterward, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld took over that role and put the military on a terrorist-hunting mission that trespassed on some CIA roles.


One senior official told The Washington Times last year of an Iraq station chief's dire predictions on Iraq. The station chief's report leaked to the press within days of its arrival in Washington. What seemed odd to this Pentagon official was that the dispatch contained a long list of "CCs" all the way down to Navy battle group commanders at sea, meaning tens of thousands saw the report.
"This report was designed to leak," the official charged.


Meanwhile, some in the Pentagon are amused at complaints coming from the CIA about the rough treatment they are getting from Mr. Goss' imported personal staff.
A defense intelligence official said: "The CIA operations directorate should stop whining. If they can't stand up to a group of Hill staffers, how can they be expected to stand up to al Qaeda?"


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