Fallujah surpises

It is not surprising tht Zarqawi would get out of Dodge instead of staying to lead his men in a hopeless fight witht he US military. It is not surprising tht US forces overwhelmed the insurgents in Fallujah. And, it is not really surprising that the infamous 350,000 tons of high explosives was not being used in the bomb factoris of Fallujah.

What is somewhat surprising is the stupidity of the response by Zarqawi and his troops. The raiding strategy being used by the insurgents would suggest, that not only would as many as possible flee Fallujah, but, they would also go to ground and wait until another time to resume their raiding. Instead, the insurgents are striking out in a mini Tet type offensive in several spots around the country. They are revealing all of their plants in the new Iraqi army and police force and like the insurgents who remained behind in Fallujah they are being destroyed.

It has been suggested that about half the insurgents stayed to fight in Fallujah and the other half went to fight in other cities. By fighting rather than going to ground their numbers are going to be further attrited to the point where it will be hard for them to mount much disruption in the future. Their action reminds me of the Crusaders early response to Sadadin where they made futile charges into the teeth of a superior force. But these guys do not have a Richard I to at least partially bail them out. In the so called "war of ideas" out of over 1.2 billion Muslims in the world these guys have managed to come up with at most a few thousand poorly trained and loosely organized montheist, head choppers for Allah.

The fact of the matter is that the liberal media has always overstated the strength of the insurgents and attempted to convey a picture of ineptitude on the part of the US team and its allies in Iraq. But, the US effort was never as bad as portrayed.

Now, the insurgents who survive, whether by running away or by hiding, have lost their sanctuary and other assets in Fallujah. This is a devastating loss for them. An insurgency cannot survive without sanctuaries and the logistics of the insurgents war has just gotten much more difficult to maintain without a base to make bombs and slaughter houses to chop heads, any survivors are truly men on the run.

Their cells in Mosol have now been blown along with cells in Sunni cities stretching toward Syria where the rat lines for reinforcemnts would have to run. It may take a few more weeks for all of the cells to be destroyed, but their distruction should not be a question.


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