The Trump issues will live on regardless of the outcome of election

Ronald Brownstein:
Trump May Be Finished—but Trumpism Is Just Getting Started

By exposing the grievances of blue-collar white voters, the Republican nominee has shaped his party in ways that could last long after the election ends.

That’s a sobering prospect for the many Republican leaders and strategists who believed Trump was marching the GOP into a demographic dead end even before his campaign skidded entirely off the road—before his stumbling first debate; before The New York Times published a report detailing how he may not have paid personal federal-income taxes for two decades; and before the disclosure of a devastating Access Hollywood video on Friday, in which Trump boasted of groping women without their consent. “I don’t think [his supporters] will see a repudiation of him as a repudiation of [his] agenda because they will start talking about the establishment refusing to allow the will of the people to be expressed,” says Lanhee Chen, Mitt Romney’s chief policy adviser in 2012 and a frequent Trump critic.
There is much more.

I think Brownstein is right.  One of the reasons for much of Trump's support is the sense of betrayal by political leaders of both parties,  By taking Trump down on matters wholly unrelated to the issues that drove them to Trump the politicians will only enhance that sense of betrayal and distrust in these voters.

Also by taking him down with an unrelated scandal having nothing to do with the issues will deny Clanton any mandate and will give opponents good reason to obstruct her agenda.


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