The 'rigged' election worry

Washington Post:
Trump’s escalation of ‘rigged’ claims alarms election officials, party leaders

Government officials, including Republican secretaries of state, and the Clinton campaign are among those bracing for the possibility of unrest or even violence on Election Day and for an extended battle over the integrity of the outcome.
The fear of violence is overblown.  This recording indicates Democrats were responsible for most of the violence at Trump rallies and attempted to thwart the peaceable assemble of Trump supporters.  There is also a legitimate concern about Democrat voter fraud with several new instances of dead people being registered and even having votes recorded in recent elections.  With polls showing Clinton with a substantial lead you might think Democrats would not need to cheat, but they really can't help themselves.

What Trump is doing is trying to motivate his voters to go to the polls.  It is a tactic he used in the primaries.  He may also be laying the groundwork for delegitimizing any Clinton win.  The media may be helping him in that regard by focusing on personal attacks against Trump rather than the issues.  The result could be that if Clinton wins she will have no mandate for her agenda.  If the GOP continues to control Congress she may resort to despotic efforts to push her unpopular agenda.


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