Syrian refugee being sought in German bomb plot

Fox News:
German police searched nationwide Sunday for a 22-year-old Syrian man believed to have been preparing a bombing attack, who slipped through their fingers as they were closing in on him, and were questioning a second Syrian man on suspicion he was involved in the plot.

The man in custody was one of three apprehended in the eastern city of Chemnitz on Saturday. He was the renter of the apartment that police raided in their search for the main suspect, Jaber Albakr from the Damascus area of Syria, Saxony police spokesman Tom Bernhardt told The Associated Press. The other two men have been released.

He said the man in custody was Albakr's "countryman" but would not give other details.

"We believe he is a possible co-conspirator," Bernhardt said.

On Saturday morning, as police prepared to raid the apartment building, Albakr was observed leaving the premises. Police fired a warning shot but were unable to stop him, Bernhardt said, confirming German media reports. They thought he had turned back into the building but was not the case, he said.

Bernhardt also confirmed reports that Albakr had come to Germany in the flood of 890,000 migrants who entered the country in 2015 and had been granted asylum.

Nobody was in the apartment when police SWAT teams blew down the door Saturday, but investigators found "several hundred grams" of a volatile explosive hidden in the flat, enough to cause significant damage, Bernhardt said.
The explosive is similar to that used in Paris and Brussels attacks.  It looks like Fox buried the lead in this story waiting until the sixth paragraph to disclose this guy was a Syrian refugee who had been granted asylum.

It also appears their unwillingness to use lethal force as he tried to escape has put more Germans at risk of attack.


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