Sudden jihad in Canada attack?

Global News:
A first-year UBC student is being lauded as a hero after saving the life of a young woman who was held down and choked inside a student residence building on Tuesday.

Adam Casey, an engineering student, was collecting his mail at Totem Residence when he was approached by several young women begging him to help another resident being choked upstairs.

When he reached the third floor, he found a young woman being choked by a male student, now confirmed as 18-year-old Thamer Hameed Almestadi, an international student from Saudi Arabia.

“I went in and I tried to get his hands free from her neck and but he was holding quite tightly, so I had to go behind him and put him in a chokehold,” Casey said.

“He was very determined on choking her.”

At that point, other students rushed in to help the student. They were able to free her and apprehend Almestadi. Another witness who was trained as a lifeguard started doing first-aid on the victim.

“I held him in a chokehold for several minutes until my friend Luka returned and told me I should probably loosen up or he was going to pass out or something. I just left him there and he just stayed lying on the ground for a few minutes and asked if he could sit up and I said ‘sure’ and then let him sit in the chair until the police arrived,” Casey added.
A knife was found nearby.  The story does not give a motive for the attack.  The girl was fortunate that students saw the attack and were able to get help.


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