NBC manipulating the news?

NY Post:
NBC execs are rumored to have leaked the despicable Donald Trump “grab ’em by the p - - - y” tape to the Washington Post in a bid to influence the presidential race, sources tell Page Six.

But NBC News is also holding back a potentially damaging tape of Hillary Clinton.

Bill Clinton’s rape accuser, Juanita Broaddrick, claimed during a 1999 “Dateline” interview that Bill allegedly forcibly had sex with her while he was governor of Arkansas.

Broaddrick then described how she was at an event weeks after the alleged rape, and Hillary made a beeline for her. She claims Hillary had grabbed her hand and thanked her for “everything you do for Bill.” Broaddrick added that when she tried to pull away, Hillary looked her in the eye and firmly repeated the same line, “which she assumed was a threat. Hillary wanted her to keep her silence.”

The NBC insider said Broaddrick’s account of the alleged rape was aired in 1999, but not the section where she claimed Hillary threatened her. The head of NBC News at the time was Andy Lack, who is now back in the same role.

Fast forward to this month, when an NBC “Access Hollywood” recording of Trump making vile comments about women with Billy Bush was leaked by someone in NBC to WaPo.
There is more.

For those who think the media is being unfair, this story will ring true.  Many in the media are continuing to act like the Praetorian Guard for Hillary Clinton and ignore things that challenge her character.


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