Michelle Obama is first class hypocrite on the coarsening of the language

Washington Post:
Michelle Obama’s New Hampshire speech was a master class in speaking from the heart

The first lady provided a stark reminder that the nebulous leadership quality of "authenticity" cannot be taught.
This is another example of the media not doing its job.  This is the same First Lady who invited Hip-Hop artists into the White House to perform.  Their lyrics are much more vulgar than anything Trump has been accused of saying.  She has said that Beyonce is a role model for her daughters, despite the fact that her lyrics are more vulgar than anything Trump is accused of saying.

I find it disgusting that the Post would push the myth that she is somehow speaking from the heart when she has demonstrated her heart is in a different place.

I am not defending anything Trump is accused of saying.  I am accusing the Democrats of rank hypocrisy.


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