Media's lack of objectivity creates more criticism, which media does not handle well

NY Times:

Criticism of the News Media Takes On a More Sinister Tone

Coverage of this year’s presidential campaign can certainly be faulted, but there is danger in the incendiary talk used by Mr. Trump.
This comes from a guy who earlier said there was no reason to treat Trump like a normal candidate and therefore opened the door to what the Trump campaign saw as unfair reporting.  Most of my readers know I am no Trump fan, but the media excursion away from the issues of the campaign has not only done a disservice to the Trump campaign, it has also undermined any Clinton mandate on the issues since they seem determined to have her win on whether Trump cops a feel of the ladies on occasion.

Why not challenge Clinton on her open borders stand and make her justify that to the million of people who are already out of the labor force?   Challenge her on her inconsistencies on trade policy.  I have often challenged Trump on his anti-NAFTA position, but I have yet to hear Clinton do so in any meaningful way.


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