Hillary Clinton is the poster child for government greed

NY Times:

Hillary Clinton, Seizing on Tax Returns, Says Donald Trump Embodies ‘Rigged System’

In Ohio, Mrs. Clinton said revelations that Mr. Trump could have avoided paying income taxes for up to 18 years showed he put “his own interests ahead of the country’s.”
Her every pronouncement about taxes shows her greed for government revenue and spending with which to buy votes for Democrats.   As the Times points out elsewhere in the year Trump incurred the heavy losses 500,000 other people also claimed a tax loss carry forward.

There is absolutely nothing illegal or immoral about taking a tax loss carryforward.  It is nonsensical to suggest that businesses want to lose money so they will not have to pay income taxes.  The suggestion that is is a "rigged" system is an insult to the intelligence and rank demagoguery.

She is just pandering to the anti-business left.


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