Guess who really has contempt for American people--Washington bureaucrats

Kyle Smith:
How dumb do Washington bureaucrats think you are? Really amazingly dumb. Now we have hard data to prove it.

Instead of polling Americans about Washington again, a pair of academics at Johns Hopkins tried something new — polling Washington about Americans. What they found was a combination of ignorance, contempt and disdain.

Survey data from the polled group — staffers from the White House and Capitol Hill plus career civil servants and the policy community of lobbyists and others who work closely with government from outside it — indicate that the functionary class thinks of itself as our betters. Our bosses, not our representatives. They see their own judgment as being far superior to that of the rest of us — the people whose wishes they are supposed to be carrying out.

The revelations in the new book “What Washington Gets Wrong: The Unelected Officials Who Actually Run the Government and Their Misconceptions about the American People,” by Jennifer Bachner and Benjamin Ginsberg, serve up the side benefit of providing a partial explanation for the rise of Donald Trump.

The DC insider class is much like the media class: Both misunderstand who the voters are and how they think. You could drive a Trump Train through that gap, and Trump just did.

The findings were revealing: By a huge margin, the bureaucrats said they knew better than the public what was right for the public. On Social Security, twice as many bureaucrats said they knew best. On crime, three times as many bureaucrats said their way was superior. On the environment, the ratio was almost four to one.

Reminder: As a group, these people enjoy calling themselves “public servants.”
There is much more.

They tend to think like despots.  "Shut up.  We know what is best for you."  They are the out of touch who think they are elites.  I would not be surprised if most of them are Democrats.  They tend to think the same way about those outside the beltway.


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