With no evidence to support Russia collusion Democrats see memo on FISA abuses as a distraction

NY Times:

Memo Is Salvo in G.O.P. Plan to Move Focus Off Russia

Republicans are pushing the narrative that biased officials set out to sabotage President Trump. At the same time, Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel running the Russia inquiry, is accelerating his work.
There is certainly evidence of bias against Trump found in the FBI text messages, and there is also an acknowledgment that there is no evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians in those texts.  What the memo does is demonstrate how that bias led to FBI and DOJ officials abusing the FISA courts to spy on a domestic opposition party.

Why many in the media think that is OK is another demonstration of their own anti-Trump bias.  Some in the media have become co-conspirators with those engaged in the abuses.

The proof of the GOP narrative is found in the FBI text messages and in the actions before the FISA court.  It is also found in the statements of former Obama officials who bought into their own narrative that Trump was a traitor.  Despite the lack of evidence to support that narrative they are bitterly clinging to it and excusing their abuse of power.

If the FBI thinks there are serious omissions in the memo the answer is to provide President Trump with an addendum to attach to the Nunez memo to list the additional disclosures they think are needed.  The President can then review them and see if he agrees with them.


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