If all Mueller has is a few unrelated process crimes it will be time to move on

Washington Post:
Democrats demand lawmakers protect Mueller after Trump moved to fire him

After revelations that President Trump sought to oust special counsel Robert Mueller III in the Russian probe, lawmakers called for a vote on legislation that would block the president from firing him. Republican leaders showed no urgency to address the matter.
Mueller's investigation is already tainted with many in this country because of who he hired.  It looks like a Democrat lawyer hit squad more interested in assisting the Democrat coup attempt than in seeking justice. 

He is trying to extort testimony out of Manafort for alleged crimes that have nothing to do with the Trump campaign or any Russian collusion.  He has caught a couple of people giving false statements when telling the truth would not have hurt them at all. 

If he tries to get the President with a perjury trap it will not be seen as related to his mission of finding collusion with the Russians, because so far there is no evidence that he has found any.  It will look like he has become part of the Democrat coup attempt.  It will sew discord in this country not seen since the Civil War.

The media is so focused on its Trump hatred that it seems blind to how they are hurting the country by sewing divisions based on the Clinton campaigns collusion with Russians to get a "dossier" that the FBI could use to get approval to spy on their political opponent.  That is the real scandal they are ignoring because it does not fit their preferred narrative.


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