Dreamer issue not supported by several in US

NY Times:

These Americans Don’t Want Legal Status for ‘Dreamers’

A slice of the public bucks popular sentiment for young undocumented immigrants, underscoring the conflicted feelings over the issue that has stymied Congress for years.
I am not sure how popular the sentiment is for the "dreamers."  On social media, I have seen a surprisingly strong opposition to the whole concept of legalizing them.  I suspect that opponents view legalization as an incentive for bringing more kids into the country illegally.

My own view is that a compromise that changed the current immigration laws to make them more restricted would be worth giving them limited legal status.  That would include doing away with chain migration and the immigration lottery and going to a colorblind merit-based system for selecting new immigrants.  It would go a long way toward fixing a broken system. 

Democrats now see immigrants as the best way to create a new dependency class that would be Democrat voters to replenish their shrinking base.  One of the tells on their strategy is how Obama systematically favored Muslims over Christians in allowing refugees into the country even though it was the Christians who faced genocide at the hands of the ISIS.  I got the impression this is one of the things he wanted to "fundamentally transform" the country and he saw them as more likely Democrats than the Christians who had faced discrimination by Muslims.

Trump has offered to give the Dreamers a path to citizenship which many will see as a mistake.

New polling shows that 80 percent of the voters prefer a merit-based system over the current model.  That along with a wall to stop illegal migration should be the goal of immigration reform.  The Gang of Six "compromise" is a non-starter.  It was an absurd proposal that demonstrated just how out of touch its proponents are.


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