Democrats are not a lock for winning the midterms

Peter Heck:
Overconfident Democrats Have Real Problems Heading Into Midterms

First, the shutdown. Despite a valiant effort by their operatives in mass media and on social media, the attempt of Democrats to blame the stalemate on Trump didn’t work. Further, the optics couldn’t have been worse for liberals: military members were not getting their paychecks because the Democrat Party wouldn’t agree to pay them until illegal immigrants (the Dreamers) were given blanket amnesty.
Meanwhile, CNBC reported the latest large corporation issuing bonuses to employees as a result of the massive Trump tax cuts:

Disney joins the ranks of other major companies like AT&T, American Airlines, Bank of America, Comcast, Fifth Third Bank, JetBlue, Nationwide, PNC Financial, Southwest Airlines, Walmart, and others giving bonuses and raising worker wages after the cuts.

Cuts that not a single Democrat voted for – Not. One.
Speaking of which the aptly named Happy State Bank in Happy, Texas also gave its employees a raise because of the new tax reform.   Democrats have been proved so wrong for so long on the effects of tax cuts it has to effect their credibility with those who notice a difference in their paycheck.


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