FBI text message suggests Mueller team would be on an impeachment mission

Sara Carter:
Embattled FBI Agent Text References Trump Impeachment

Regarding newly released texts regarding the Special Counsel investigation, Strzok wrote his “gut sense and concern is there’s no big there-there”

The latest batch of text messages between the pair of embattled FBI agents at the center of the Special Counsel’s probe into President Donald Trump‘s campaign and alleged Russian collusion reveals that one of the agents may have seen his participation in the investigation as a path to “impeaching” President Trump, said several congressional sources.

The recent text messages between FBI special agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were turned over last week by the Department of Justice to six congressional committees. Those text messages, as previously reported, shed new light on the political leanings, unvarnished bias and possibly a concerted effort by some members of the FBI to influence Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation, congressional sources reveal.
Rep. Jordan said that the “impeachment” text is extremely concerning because of how it’s framed and in the context of the onslaught of text messages reviewed by congressional members. It also shows possible intent on the part of Strzok to influence the Special Counsel’s Office investigation, he said.
There is more.

This further taints the Mueller investigation and when you add the composition of the Mueller team it looks like a group of Hillary supporters trying to overturn the results of the election.


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