Why do liberals credit government for Carson's success?

Washington Post:

The neurosurgeon-turned-GOP presidential candidate holds up his life story as proof that anyone can climb the economic ladder. But despite benefiting from aid for the poor, he says he wants to cut dependency on government.
There are literally millions of poor who have gotten benefits from the government and have not achieved a third of what Carson did.  I give credit to his mother for not only working hard to take care of him but to also instill a drive to learn and educate himself.  She demonstrated what can be accomplished with drive and determination.  If government dependency created success there would be millions like Carson instead of a handful.


  1. Because conservatives--including Carson--enjoy portraying welfare recipients as folks who don't want to work and are living a luxurious lifestyle where they eat steaks and lobsters in their Cadillacs.

    As for your claim that only a handful of folks escape poverty--it's false. Over 75% of welfare recipients are on welfare for 6 months and then leave.


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