Inside the impenetrable Hillary Clinton bubble

Kyle Smith:
In the 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton asserted that she was the candidate best equipped to take a 3 a.m. phone call. What she didn’t tell us was that her number would be unlisted.

In the bipartisan grandstanding of the latest Benghazi committee hearing last week, the mostly inept Republicans managed to extract one piece of information that will stick: that our murdered Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens didn’t have Clinton’s e-mail address.

Clinton stammered a bit as she confessed this, realizing that she was contradicting her earlier characterization of Stevens as someone she knew and respected, the personal anecdotes that suggested a close relationship and her statement that she had personally asked him to take the job.

Clinton family retainers like Sidney Blumenthal, a notorious conspiracist who was barred from working in her State Department by the Obama administration, were able to reach her whenever they pleased — but men and women on the front lines of dangerous places had to go through depressing, labyrinthine bureaucratic channels.

Stevens and his team requested more security for the doomed Benghazi compound 600 times. Clinton’s response: Sorry, I didn’t know. Nobody told me. Oops.

Why didn’t anyone tell her? Because no one, outside a carefully handpicked circle of cronies and sycophants, could reach her. Her inner circle treated her the way courtiers treat a queen — with comical levels of deference and jealous protection of their privilege. Nobody wants to bring Hillary bad news.

None of this happened by coincidence. That’s the kind of leader she is. The lesson Hillary took away from the 1990s is that her enemies are everywhere, so she must live in a virtual panic room at all times.

She is today an aloof, isolated leader who walls herself off from anything that could potentially be bad for her....
Anyone so isolated that they can't see 600 red flags signalling danger in Libya is too incompetent to be President.  The failure to demand and receive that kind of information should be disqualifying.


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