Liberals fear Rubio

Washington Post:
Why Marco Rubio is so effective and dangerous
Greg Sargent  in an opinion piece marvels at Rubio's ability to play to the genuine anger of Republican voters while also projecting a sunny and hopeful message.
This isn’t just because Rubio is young and Latino. His formula is a bit complicated. Last night, Rubio, in what appeared to be an appeal to the deep resentment of many of these voters, skillfully converted legitimate questions about his personal financial management into evidence of Democratic and elite media contempt for his relatively humble upbringing, which he proceeded to explain he had overcome through hard work. Rubio’s narrative is both laden with legitimate resentment and inspiring!

In another big moment, Rubio bashed the media as the “ultimate Super PAC” for Hillary and Democrats, because it was slow to report that Clinton had been supposedly exposed as a liar at the recent House Benghazi hearing. The “MSM” rightly declared the hearing a disaster for Republicans. But GOP primary voters don’t want to hear this. And Rubio offered them a far more comforting narrative, one that also played to anger, resentment, and perhaps even bewilderment over why Benghazi has not yet destroyed Clinton’s candidacy, the way conservatives said it would. The hearing had actually been brutally effective, but the “MSM” covered it up on Hillary’s behalf.
What Sargent gets wrong is his defense of the media treatment of the Benghazi hearings.  They wanted Hillary to succeed so they ignored the obvious evidence of her mendacity.  Rubio is right to criticize their performance.

But the piece does give you an idea of why Democrats and their Super PAC supporters in the media really fear him.  That he thinks telling the truth about their alliance is dangerous tells you something about their position.


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