Palestinians did not 'inspire' holocaust, but certainly collaborated

NY Times:

Netanyahu Retracts Assertion That Palestinian Inspired Holocaust

After more than a week of condemnation, the Israeli prime minister issued a statement retracting his accusation that a Palestinian cleric had given Hitler the idea of annihilating Jews.
In fact the main difference between the Palestinians and the Germans, is that the Germans admit their guilt, while the Palestinian leaders in many cases either deny that it happened or or wish it had been more successful.  Too many of the Palestinian leaders are both ethnic and religious bigots who still want to exterminate the Jews.  It is in fact in the charter of groups like Hamas.

While Netanyahu may have overstated the mufti's role in persuading the Germans to kill Jews to begin with, there is no doubt that he eagerly embraced that effort and did what he could to facilitate it.  The anti Israel left seems to want to ignore this historic reality.

Netanyahu's larger point was that Palestinians have been trying to kill Jews much longer than there were any disputed territories, and to say that Israel's occupation was the cause of the back stabbing missed the historical context.  Liberals do not want to even admit this fact because it raises questions about the possibility of a two state solution.


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