Hearings demonstrated Clinton lied to the families and voters about Benghazi, but told the truth to her family

Megyn Kelly Tears Into the Media for Deciding Hillary Won Benghazi Hearing
Much of the liberal media showed a remarkable willful blindness and deafness to the facts revealed at the hearing.  The emails showed that Clinton told the truth to her daughter about the attack as well as some foreign leaders while she was blatantly lying to the families and public in the US in order to prevent damage to Obama's false narrative about al Qaeda being on the run.

Here is a montage of the lies told by the administration after the Benghazi attacks:

It is absolutely absurd to claim as many in the media did that she came through the hearing "unscathed" or "without a scratch."  For those with an objective point of view it was clear that she was a facile liar who did so to help Obama defeat Romney so she would not be running against a Republican incumbent in 2016.

This montage along with her testimony will be something she will have to deal with in the election.


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