Yemen rebels turn US intelligence files over to Iran which has promised them a years worth of oil revenues

Business Insider:
Yemen’s crisis is getting worse and then some.

Saudi Arabia has started bombing rebel positions inside Yemen, and said the Sunni Kingdom will do “anything necessary” to deter the Iran-backed Shiite rebels who are taking over its neighbour.

Meanwhile, the rebel Houthi fighters looted American intelligence files, which contained details of US operations in the country, Bryan Bennett of the LA Times reports.

Some of the files were reportedly “handed directly to Iranian advisors by Yemeni officials who have sided with the Houthi militia,” which has successfully dismantled Yemen’s government since marching into Sana, the capital, in September.

The Gulf States or the US are driving events in Yemen to far less of a degree than the region’s most extreme elements. The revolutionary regime in Tehran has pledged a year’s worth of oil to the Houthis, and a shipment of 185 tons of Iranian arms arrived in Yemen on March 20. Houthi fighters have received training in Iran and Lebanon, raising fears that Tehran plans on exporting its brand of revolutionary Shi’ite Islam to a place that has traditionally practiced a far different strain of Shi’ism than the one the Islamic Republic promotes.
The logic of a deal with Iran on its nukes never made much sense and makes even less now that their operations in Yemen have added further to the destabilization in the region.  The Obama administration's "all is well" response to this debacle raises serious questions that go beyond competence or the lack thereof.  The administration looks seriously delusional.  But they prefer that role to actually doing something to resist the Iranian aggression.


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