Hackers tap into Israel and Saudi computers looking for Hezballah killer clues

An Arab hacking group with ties to the Iranian government claims to have seized classified information from servers belonging to the Israeli and Saudi governments, as well as the Saudi Binladen Group, a construction conglomerate run by the family of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

The Islamic Cyber Resistance Group (ICRG) announced via several hacker websites on Monday that it had pulled off the large-scale cyber theft in retaliation for the recent assassination of Hezbollah commander Hassan Hawlo al-Lakkis.

Iran and Hezbollah have said that they believe the Saudis and Israelis worked together to pull off the assassination.

The ICRG published what it claims are the classified personnel records of some 2,000 Israeli military officers and 1,000 Saudi agents, according to hacker websites and reports in the Iranian press.

The hackers then turned their sights on the Binladen Group for its ties to the Saudi government.

The ICRG “extracted more than 7 [gigabytes] of its top secret information and intelligence, including 5,000,000 secret documents,” Iran’s state run Fars News Agency reported. “The group said it has hacked ‘1400 PCs and 70 servers and gained full access to SBG domain control and email servers.’”

The ICRG posted all of the stolen information to an online dumping ground so that Internet users could access it.
The hackers are probably a joint operation of Iranian and Hezballah sponsored groups.  That seems pretty clear from their objectives.  They should expect a counter attack.


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