Obama approval falls below 40 percent

Conn Carroll:
Fewer than 40 percent of the American people now approve of the job President Obama is doing as president, according to the latest Gallup daily tracking poll. Meanwhile, the percentage of American's who disapprove of Obama's job as president has risen to 54 percent.

Obama's new 39 percent approval rating may be the lowest of his second-term, but it is not the lowest of his presidency. During the 2011 debt limit fight, Obama's approval rating slipped to 38 percent and his disapproval rose to 55 percent.

Since then, hundreds of millions of dollars in television and social advertising helped raise Obama's approval rating to a post-election high of 58 percent. But without constant campaign spending to bolster his image, Obama's job approval has fallen steadily since.
The reality of liberalism is now being felt by voters who are rejecting it in large numbers.  It is about time.


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