The HHS scrambling continues

David Freddoso:
Obamacare — it’s so well designed that they have to keep changing it on the fly to prevent the next disaster.

As the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein notes, HHS is now trying to offload at least some of the blame for the coming chaos as applicants and insurers try to figure out who is actually enrolled and who isn’t as the new year begins.

The agency is requiring premium payments to be accepted right up to the last minute, and requesting that insurers retroactively enroll people who pay late, even into the middle of January. It’s also “strongly encouraging” them to add doctors to their networks, at least in order to treat the most extreme cases. It’s a tacit admission that the law is setting up a lot of people to lose the care they were depending on.

If they’re doing this, they must expect this thing to be pretty bad. Conveniently, some of these new rules will complicate any effort to determine whether Obamacare has caused a net increase in the uninsured population as of January.
This is a hot mess that keeps getting worse as they attempt to change the rules to deal with their own failures.   Yet no one seems to be challenging these attempts to evade the rule of law.


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