Coming late to the realization that Obama lied about keeping your healthcare

So PolitiFact says the president's keep-your-health-plan promise is the lie of the year. And indeed it is. But where was PolitiFact four years ago when the lie was first uttered and calling it a lie meant something?

It was at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire in August 2009 when President Obama most famously said:

"If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan."

As PolitiFact noted, it was a line he repeated "many times in describing his health care proposal."

It also came too late — seven months before ObamaCare was passed. Labeling Obama's claim a lie when he first said it would have fittingly contributed to the debate and could have produced a different outcome.

Instead, PolitiFact called his statement "half true" rather than give it the "pants of fire" designation that it reserves for the most egregious and "ridiculous" lies.

And that "half true" call came, by PolitiFact's own admission, "close to a year later," by which time ObamaCare was already law.

PolitiFact can't say enough wasn't known about the law in August 2009 to adequately vet Obama's claim. Early versions of the bill were coming out of both House and Senate committees in July of that year.

By the middle of August, enough was known about the coming ObamaCare law that the complaints of its death panels had become an intensely covered news item.
This is the same group that called the description of the Independent Advisory Payment Board as a "death pane;" the lie of the year, when in fact many now concede that is one of its functions.  They could have called this claim a lie much earlier when it could have had some political effect on the passage of the bill or the reelection of Obama.


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