Japan responds to Chinese attempt to claim islands

USA Today:
Japan unveiled a sweeping national security strategy Tuesday that will boost defense spending and see troops and equipment shifted to the nation's southwest islands — part of a move to develop the capability to wrest islands away from would-be attackers. 
The plan is a reflection of Japan's growing concerns over China's increasing military assertiveness and territorial demands. And it marks another milestone in hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plans to strengthen Japan's defense establishment and ease postwar restrictions on the armed forces. 
"The security situation around Japan has become even more severe and in order to maintain peace it is necessary to implement national security policies in a more strategic and structured manner," Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday. "This does not in any way change Japan's pacifist policies, which have been consistent throughout the postwar period," the ministry said.

The comments were made at a news briefing as officials introduced Japan's first National Security Strategy.

Under the plan, which sets out both policy and budget goals, Japan will spend some $240 billion over the next five years on new equipment and related costs.

Surveillance drones and long-range surveillance planes will be acquired to patrol the East China Sea and other waters surrounding Japan. Nearly half of Japan's ground forces will be reconfigured for rapid deployment.

Significantly, a special Marine Corps-like unit will be organized to guard Japan's southwest islands, which sprawl across a vast area of ocean south of Japan's main islands. For the first time, Japan will buy V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, amphibious assault vehicles and other equipment designed primarily for amphibious warfare.
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This looks like a common sense response to the threat caused by the Chinese claims.  It also reflects Japan's maturity as a country that can defend itself.  Relying on Obama is not a given anymore,


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