Taliban leader dressed in drag killed


A SENIOR Taliban commander disguised in women's clothes was killed by Afghan and international forces when he fired on troops trying to catch him south of Kabul.

NATO and Afghan security forces cornered Ghulam Sakhi at a compound in Logar province's Puli Alam district, and called for women and children to leave the building, a coalition statement said.

"As they were exiting, Sakhi came out with the group disguised in women's attire and pulled out a pistol and a grenade and shot at the security force," the statement by NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said.

"When Afghan and coalition forces shot him, he dropped the grenade and it detonated, wounding a woman and two children," it said.

Sakhi was known by several aliases and was involved in attacks on Afghan and foreign forces using improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the main Taliban weapon in the war.


The pistol and the grenade were a pretty good clue he was not what he tried to appear to be. The Taliban have always been pretty cowardly trying to camouflage themselves as non combatants and hiding behind the skirts of women. Now some of them are wearing the skirts. Perhaps this is the reason they want to make them wear sacks over their heads so the garb can be used as a disguise for an attempted get away.


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