79% support offshore drilling in Louisiana

Rasmussen Reports:

Even as oil washes up on their shores from the still-spewing oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, 79% of Louisiana voters believe offshore oil drilling should be allowed, and nearly as many support deepwater drilling.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Louisiana finds that just 15% do not believe offshore oil drilling should be allowed.

These findings are basically unchanged from early April prior to the eruption of the oil leak.

Nationally, 60% of voters support offshore oil drilling, while 22% are opposed. Eighteen percent (18%) remain undecided. Seventy-two percent (72%) favored offshore drilling prior to the oil leak.

As for the relatively limited drilling for oil in deepwater locations like the rig that exploded in April causing the current environmental disaster, 72% of Louisiana voters think it should be allowed. Nineteen percent (19%) oppose deepwater drilling.


In another survey Rasmussen found that 53 percent of likely voters support Republican David Vitters for reelection over Democrat Charlie Melancon with 35 percent. I suspect that Obama's attempt to shut down drilling is hurting Democrat candidates.


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