Bomb proof undershorts for the troops

Daily Mail:

They are designed to protect the parts other armour doesn't reach.

Bomb-proof underwear is the latest morale booster for troops fighting in Afghanistan.

They are just one of a series of innovative ideas to revolutionise warfare - including a robot 'dog' to carry wounded soldiers and automated naval drones.

Military equipment supplier BCB International is selling the reinforced boxer shorts - which have a Kevlar panel at the front - for £60 a time to the Ministry of Defence.

While the pants will not protect from a direct blast, they could shield the area from small fragments from a roadside bomb.

Corporal Simon Mercer, who has just returned from Afghanistan with the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment said: 'You go out on patrol and you've got a helmet for your head and body armour for your torso, but you've got nothing for your groin. It's forever in your mind.'

The protective vest of the US troops has a piece that comes down to protect the groin. The one the Brits use does not. I think the US approach is superior. I would be afraid the Kevlar shorts would chafe on a long hike. I suspect they do not wick moisture either.


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